Pamakay / Panuntun (Bottom Fishing)


This is a common fishing technique used by local subsitence fishermen around the country in the sea.  The names Pamakay (from Bakay, the name of a small fish often caught) is what this technique is called in Negros (in bisaya speaking areas) and the name is Panuntun (from the word tunton, or ‘drop to the bottom’) around Cebu.

The technique involves bottom fishing around reefs and walls generally in depths of 5 – 50 meters.  The fishermen use multiple tiny hooks on a relatively small main line with a lead or stone tied to the end to weight the line.  Baits such as squid, shrimp, hermit crabs and shellfish are cut into small pieces and baited on the small hooks.

Small hooks are used and generally small fish are caught with the occasional larger fish taking the tiny bait.  This is done because the largest volume of fish around the shallow reefs is the small colorful species of wrasse, triggerfish, damselfish, lizardfish and many others.

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