Pa-anod (Drifting Gill Net)


Pa-anod is name given to the type of fishing where a nylon gill net is let adrift down a river to ensnare fish that are either moving upstream or swimming in the current.  This technique is typically done from a Banka with one side of the net being attached to a float and the other to the banka.  The net is stretched across the river, usually around 100m from the river mouth, and let adrift until it reaches the river mouth.

There are a variety of fish caught using this method most of which are estuary or brackish water species such as grunts, mullet, snapper, trevally, croakers, and many others.  They size of the gill net used depends on what particular size and species fish the fishermen wants to target.

This method of fishing is done by fishermen fishing for commercial sale rather than for subsistence.  This method can be detrimental to the river system in which it is done if the net is used often.  Species that spawn in the rivers or in the ocean that pass through the estuary are caught thus reducing the number of fish that will spawn.

This method is practiced all around the Philippines however it is most common in large estuaries where the river conditions allow for drifting the net.  Rivers with many snags and rugged bottoms pose a problem for this fishing method.


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