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Las-Las ( Traditional Chum Rig )

[Photo] Las-Las is the Visayan name for a technique used for deep sea fishing.  It is used to create a chum ball around the bait which is set at the desired depth.  It is used for many kinds of fishing … Continue reading

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Pa-anod (Drifting Gill Net)

[Photo] Pa-anod is name given to the type of fishing where a nylon gill net is let adrift down a river to ensnare fish that are either moving upstream or swimming in the current.  This technique is typically done from … Continue reading

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Ali (Barricade Gill Net)

[Photo] This is a technique used by fishermen in rivers.  It involves a gill net, chosen for a specific size or species of fish, which is stretched across a stream or river as a barricade.  Fish that are swimming upstream … Continue reading

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